… like on this head-mounted flashlight package…

7 LED's Head Lamp Bad Apostrophe

7 LED’s Head Lamp

… or on this poster at the KFC in American Fork, Utah…

America's Only Authentic Sport's Car Bad Apostrophe

America’s Only Authentic Sport’s Car

… or on this API documentation page written by programmers at GoNudge.com

Set's - Edit’s - Delete’s Bad Apostrophes

Set’s – Edit’s – Delete’s

… or this article on Cross-Browser.org about rendering in IE5

Microsoft released it's then brand new Bad Apostrophe

Microsoft released it’s then brand new

… or this article on Priceonomics about the future of journalism

let's fans choose Bad Apostrophe

let’s fans choose

… or this Seven Peaks Fun Center page about its attractions

With it's antique horses Bad Apostrophe

With it’s antique horses


Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mounds don’t.