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… how many people don’t understand the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

On /Film:

its more of a & its very unlikely Bad Non-Apostrophes

its more of a | its very unlikely

On Mailinator’s FAQ page:

Mailinator - Its important you know Bad Non-Apostrophe

Its important you know

On Facebook’s developer documentation:

Facebook - its your turn Bad Non-Apostrophe

its your turn

On ArsTechnica:

Ars - it's first public appearance Bad Apostrophe

it’s first public appearance

On OSTraining’s review of the Discourse forum system:

OSTraining - it's creator & it's niche Bad Apostrophes

it’s creator | it’s niche

On EatPlayRock:

Eat Play Rock - in it’s day Bad Apostrophe

in it’s day

On Stephen Colbert’s Twitter feed (again) — this one garnered a few corrections on Twitter.

Colbert Twitter - it's own energy drink Bad Apostrophe

it’s own energy drink

On a Wired Design story:

Wired Design - through it’s shorthand Bad Apostrophe

through it’s shorthand

On another Wired Design story by the same author:

Wired Design - expand it’s ecosystem Bad Apostrophe

expand it’s ecosystem

On Medium:

Medium - source of it’s data Bad Apostrophe

source of it’s data

Over Labor Day weekend, we took a quick trip to St. George and Las Vegas. Of course, I found a few BAs along the way.

At the gas station in Beaver when we stopped for gas:

Aztec Shuttle - Call for Time's Bad Apostrophe

Call for Time’s

At the Fashion Show mall on the Strip:

The Strips most diverse food court Bad Non-Apostrophe

The Strips most diverse food court

On an ad card that a barker gave us:

Pampas - to your hearts content Bad Non-Apostrophe

to your hearts content

A sign at the Silverton Casino:

Silverton Casino - Lets Do It Bad Non-Apostrophe

Lets Do It

On the town

Here are a few simple plural BAs that I found out and about.

At the marina at East Canyon Reservoir in Utah:

East Canyon Marina - Jet Ski's Bad Apostrophe

Jet Ski’s

On a license plate frame in American Fork, Utah:

Auto's Inc licence plate frame Bad Apostrophe

Auto’s Inc

(Their web site correctly just lists the business name as just “Autos, Inc.”)

At the Fashion Corner store in Lehi, Utah:

Graphic Tee's Bad Apostrophe

Graphic Tee’s

Another one for the Wired Wall of Shame, this time from a Wired Design story about Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app.

let's you | proper API's Bad Apostrophes

let’s you | proper API’s

From a Fox News story about ways I Love Lucy would be different today:

The Ricardo’s lived Bad Apostrophe

The Ricardo’s lived

On a CBS slideshow about Comic Con memories:

CBS - in years' past Bad Apostrophe

in years’ past

(I think someone got confused about what the phrase means. The years aren’t owning anything here, guys.)

And in a story about Modern Family: - on Wednesday's Bad Apostrophe

on Wednesday’s

(Wow, we’ve got CBS, Fox, and ABC… we just need an NBC show to call out here and we’d be have the big four.)

From a GeoTrust knowledge base article about installing SSL certificates:

Geotrust - other web server's Bad Apostrophe

other web server’s

And on the web site of an Asian restaurant in American Fork, Utah:

Temptasian - Promotion's Bad Apostrophe


(Note the page title right above is correctly just “Promotions”.)

Usually when I showcase stuff that I’ve gotten in my email, it’s from people who are specifically pointing out Bad Apostrophes themselves. (, yo! )

But this time, we’re talking about regular emails that I got from companies that unintentionally contained BAs. First up, Discount Filters. My wife finally replaced the water filter in our fridge (we’d been putting it off for 8 years!), and we got this email:

Discount Filters - on it's way Bad Apostrophe

Discount Filters – on it’s way

Next, Cold Stone Creamery sent this to me back in June:

Coldstone - Father's, Dad's Bad Apostrophes

Father’s, Dad’s

Come on, guys! Have a copy editor take a quick look at your stuff before you send it out! (Especially if it’s going to be used as an email template going forward.)

This BNA from the Huffington Post came on my radar back in March, but I’m just getting around to posting it now.

HuffPo - lets not forget Bad Non-Apostrophe

lets not forget

I promise, if you send in a BA, I’ll be quicker about posting it than this one.


I took my family to Disney World and all I got was this lousy post about a few Bad Non-Apostrophes.

First, the confirmation email that Advantage Rent A Car sent us:

Advantage Rent A Car - manufacturers instructions Bad Non-Apostrophe

manufacturers instructions

Next, at Magic Kingdom on the Swiss Family Treehouse:

Ships Log Bad Non-Apostrophe

Ships Log

And finally, when we took a side trip to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, I found out that pirates plunge.

Weeki Watchee Pirates Plunge Bad Non-Apostrophe

Pirates Plunge

(Should be “Pirate’s Plunge” to indicate ownership.)