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I found all of these when I was shopping for a new couch at Ashley Furniture.

Saturday's Bad Apostrophe


Managers Approval Bad Non-Apostrophe

Managers Approval

Worlds Largest Bad Non-Apostrophe

Worlds Largest

I did end up with a very nice new sectional, and a few photos of Bad Apostrophes.

Oh, Mythbusters

last nights episode Bad Non-Apostrophe

last nights episode

while its hot Bad Non-Apostrophe

while its hot

its for fun Bad Non-Apostrophe

its for fun

hearing the researchers messages Bad Non-Apostrophe

hearing the researchers messages

knows what its doing Bad Non-Apostrophe

knows what its doing


A Plurality of BAs

I spotted this on Gawker:

running with the Chihuahua's Bad Apostrophe

running with the Chihuahua’s

But it’s obvious that they just copy-pasted the quote from the original My Fox Phoenix story:

running with the Chihuahua's Bad Apostrophe

running with the Chihuahua’s

Then there were the “Valentines” plural BAs from my The Simpsons: Tapped Out game:

TSTO Valentine's (1)

TSTO Valentine's (2)

TSTO Valentine's (3)

(Hint: the holiday is named “Valentine’s Day” after St. Valentine. The individual cards that you give to your loved ones are called “Valentines” — he doesn’t own them.)


… so there must be a few “it’s” BAs in our queue.

We begin with yet another Wired BA, this one from Wired Design’s Joseph Flaherty discussing a children’s book with 3D-printable characters.

appreciate it’s capabilities Bad Apostrophe

appreciate it’s capabilities Bad Apostrophe

Next, we have the home page of CakeFest, a conference for web developers using the CakePHP framework. (Not the first time we’ve caught programmers using Bad Apostrophes.)

open source at it's very best Bad Apostrophe

open source at it’s very best

Case in point, our very next entry, from the Twitter feed of the XBMC project announcing the beta release of its new version. (Tell me that’s not a coder running that Twitter account.)

on it’s way Bad Apostrophe

on it’s way

And finally, for a little variety, an “its” that should have been “it’s”, instead of the other way around. This comes from /Film writer Germain Lussier, transcribing a telephone interview with Need for Speed director Scott Waugh.

Slashfilm - its all real - Bad Apostrophe

its all real


Here’s a few new-media BA gems that I’ve found on Twitter recently.

First, this unneeded acronym apostrophe from the official Internet Explorer Twitter account.

Free VM's Bad Apostrophe

Free VM’s

Next, another Mythbusters “it’s” gaffe.

sets it's targets on Bad Apostrophe

sets it’s targets on

Finally, from the generally funny “Modern Seinfeld” Twitter account (@SeinfeldToday), a present-tense verb with an extra apostrophe that’s not so amusing.

mugger let's him keep it Bad Apostrophe

mugger let’s him keep it

Look guys, I understand that the Internet is a whole new world for writers, but if you’ve only got 140 characters to use on a single post, don’t make one of them a redundant apostrophe.


Here’s a couple of “its” errors I spotted recently. First, on a The Next Web story about Android apps for power users:

it's feature list Bad Apostrophe

it’s feature list

Next, last night my kids wanted to make Harry Potter character Miis on our Nintendo Wii. I pulled up to find instructions for a Ginny Weasley Mii, and found this:

from it's .mii file Bad Apostrophe

from it’s .mii file


From a local furniture store’s advertisement:

Hutch's Home Furnishings - Holiday's Sale Bad Apostrophe

Holiday’s Sale

From The Simpsons: Tapped Out game:

your neighbors possessions Bad Non-Apostrophe

your neighbors possessions

When the snows on the ground Bad Non-Apostrophe

When the snows on the ground

Okay, this last one’s not from the holiday update, it’s from the Level 37 update.

Van Houten's are late bloomers Bad Apostrophe

Van Houten’s are late bloomers

Last week, I brought you our adventures in NYC (at least as they relate to grammar). We had a side trip up to Sharon, Vermont and its environs, and amazingly, I found some Bad Apostrophes there, too!

At the LDS Church’s Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial:

it's glowing fireplace Bad Apostrophe

it’s glowing fireplace

These two came from an apple cider mill we visited:

is it's equivalent Bad Apostrophe

is it’s equivalent

Saranac Soda's Bad Apostrophe

Saranac Soda’s

And at a maple syrup farm:

tree make it's food Bad Apostrophe

tree make it’s food